Skin types

Observe & attune

Identifying our skin type and observing the subtleties and changes throughout the body enables us to become more intuitive and thoughtful towards ourselves and our skincare choices. This knowledge can help us respond more compassionately over time as our skin naturally fluctuates. 


Skin types

  • Oily / Blemish prone / Sensitive

  • Oily

  • Combination

  • Normal / Clear

  • Normal / Blemish prone

  • Normal / Sensitive

  • Dry

  • Dry / Mature

  • Dry / Sensitive / Mature



Oily / Blemish prone / Sensitive

Issues: This skin type is usually identified by inflamed skin, open pores and acne flare ups as the body's over production of sebum lead to blocked pores and bacterial infections.

Influences: Our skin can be prone to shift to this oily and sensitive state through periods of hormonal fluctuations, and regularly during the menstrual and pre-menstrual phase of a woman's monthly cycle.

Improvement: Harsh products can aggravate your skin further. Instead focus on deep but gentle cleansing to remove any dirt which can cause infection and seek naturally balancing treatments to help regulate your natural oil production.

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Issues: Oily skin will often appear as shiny or greasy as sebum is produced excessively and lingers on the skins surface.

Influences: Our body produces sebum and lipids as a first defence to our environment. Supporting our skins natural oil production is key to healthy skin, but it can be unbalanced by hormonal fluctuations or interrupted by harsh products. 

Improvement: The steam from regular bathing and saunas helps open and clear pores. Seek balancing treatments which use naturally regulating botanicals to help cleanse and renew.

We recommend our Balancing and Anti-blemish blends.


Issues: This skin type is identified by an oily, blemish prone T-Zone [forehead, nose & chin] while cheeks remain generally clear, dry and more matt in appearance.

Influences: While skin is generally in good and clear condition, hormonally induced flare ups show in the T-Zone where sebum is produced in higher quantities and can lead to inflammmation of our sebaceous glands. 

Improvement: Focus on healthy eating and keeping hydrated when your skin is more sensitive at these times. Regular and gentle cleansing and exfoliation will stimulate new cell turnover.

We recommend our Balancing, Sensitive and Renewing blends.



Normal / Clear

Issues: Smooth and clear skin which maintains its p.H level and is generally identified by a blemish free complexion.

Influences: Normal skin will glow during the luteum and ovulating phases of a woman's monthly cycle as oestrogen is high and our complexions are boosted with collagen.

Improvement: It's easy to ignore clear and seemingly healthy skin but think about nurturing and nourishing it for the long term by using natural products rich in vitamins, omegas and essential fatty acids.

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Normal / Blemish prone

Issues: Occasional blemishes, often around the chin, disrupt an otherwise calm and healthy complexion.

Influences: During a woman's pre-menstrual and menstrual phases, sebum production is increased and can cause blocked pores. It is also a time when we are more irritable and it's tempting to pick spots, potentially worsening them and leaving longer term scarring.

Improvement: Monthly and stress induced flare ups are a natural response to the hormonal changes in your body, but can be monitored and eased with cooling and anti-inflammatory rich botanicals. 

We recommend our Anti-blemish and Renewing blends.

Normal / Sensitive

Issues: This skin type is generally identified by a good complexion but can be easily triggered by environmental factors and stress.

Influences: The symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and sensitive skin conditions can be reactive to stress through the third phase of our monthly cycle. 

ImprovementAvoid harsh and synthetic products which can aggravate skin and strip it of naturally occurring, healthy properties. Use gentle treatments to heal and renew sensitive skin.

We recommend our Sensitive and Nourishing blends.




Issues: Dry skin is often identified by dull, flaky skin and the tight sensation after cleansing.

Influences: Dry skin can appear especially tired and lifeless post-menstruation while our bodies prepare for ovulation and during winter months. Over washing, or over use of products can dry out otherwise normal skin.

Improvements: Drink plenty of water to keep skin hydrated to brighten your complexion. Seek moisture rich treatments to deeply replenish and restore.  

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Dry / Mature

Issues: Dry and ageing skin can be flaky with fine lines and wrinkles. Skin tone may be dull and pigmentation is common in ageing and tired skin.

Influences: As our bodies age we produce less sebum and collagen to protect and plump skin. Dehydration can exaggerate this thinning and flakiness. Thin and dry skin can be further stressed by fluctuations in hormones and body temperature as your body shifts through the menopause. 

Improvements: Deeply hydrating and fortifying treatments full of essential fatty acids and vitamins will boost circulation, new cell turn over and brighten your complexion.

We recommend our Renewing and Nourishing blends.

Dry / Sensitive / Mature

Issues: As our skin has less support from naturally produced collagen, irritations and sensitivities can be easily triggered and linger longer.  

Influences: As our bodies age we produce less sebum and collagen to protect skin. Dehydration can exaggerate this thinning, flakiness and susceptibility to environmental aggravators. Blood vessels can reduce healthy circulation and complexion as our skin is slower to heal. 

Improvements: Indulge in boosting, fortifying and firming treatments full of vitamin A and E to really protect damaged skin.

We recommend our Sensitive, Renewing and Anti-blemish blends.