Winter Exfoliation

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Working through freezing temperatures, harsh winds, and a sluggish immune system, our skin cells are often left tired and dehydrate during winter. So it becomes essential to gently and regularly exfoliate away dry and dead cells, making for an improved complexion and the development of healthier skin.

As our skin may already be exasperated and irritated, careful and gentle exfoliation is vital. Be kind when your skin is sensitive. We recommend choosing a soft, natural bristled brush and exfoliating in the shower as hot water helps our pores to soften and open, making the process easier and more effective. Make long, sweeping brush strokes in the direction of your heart to help with lymphatic drainage and removing the build up of toxins.

When exfoliating the face, be especially gentle, as this tissue is very delicate and easily damaged. Only use the gentlest of brushes and cloths. Work in small, circular motions across the whole face, lightly around the eyes and sweeping down the neck.

Getting into the habit of a weekly exfoliation results in a smoother complexion. It primes the skin to absorb oils more readily, locking in the moisture and nutrients to keep skin healthier and radiant for longer. Over time, these routines support your skin through seasonal shifts, providing a strengthened lipid barrier, renewed cell function, and a rejuvenated and hydrated complexion.