Why organic?


When we choose organic, we are making a commitment to ourselves and to our planet, we are championing natural, less-processed and environmentally friendly products. This is important for anything we put in and on our bodies, from the food we eat to the skincare products we use daily.

Organic farming principles promote more ecological methods which help to enrich soils and protect biodiversity, wildlife and the environment - essentially working with nature, not against it. We all know the serious damage to soil health and water quality caused by the synthetic chemicals and antibiotics used in intensive farming, so by choosing organic we are choosing the long term health of our planet, not a quick fix. The more in demand organic products become, the stronger the industry will be, allowing more pressure to be put on environmentally hazardous types of farming.

Organic skincare is often made in smaller batches with a shorter shelf life, meaning that when the product reaches us it is fresh, potent and effective and hasn’t been sitting in a warehouse for years. If we don’t want to put synthetic, overly processed products in our bodies why would we put them on our skin?

basho are proud to create organic skincare and believe that nature can provide our skin with everything we need to stay healthy, fortified and radiant so, in turn, we have a duty to look after the natural world and all that it provides.