The transformative power of water


"-it's as if the salt water literally dissolves those barriers and fears we carry with us when we're on land we're no longer separate but a part of it all."

- Easkey Britton

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We had the pleasure of chatting with friend and muse Easkey Britton earlier this Spring and witnessed first hand the transformative power of water on this incredible woman. Easkey is a surfer, scientist, explorer and artist and has spoken publicly and profoundly about the power and importance of sharing your passion. Her passion is surfing - being submersed in the ocean, being energised and humbled by it. We highly recommend you watch her incredibly inspiring talk at TedX Dublin in the link below. 

“-the power of the ocean to dissolve the boundaries we have within ourselves, and the world outside.”

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"-connection is not just a human thing, it is embedded in nature..the power of being in nature. It demands that we let go of our expectations and requires our total presence in the moment, and when that happens we begin to take notice of our surroundings, become a little awed and humbled."