The ritual of bathing


Our bodies communicate with and are constantly influenced by our external environment, causing them to respond physiologically and pathologically. Feeling overwhelmed and stressed puts strain on our mind and spirit and drains our body of reserves. Bathing can rejuvenate us; opening pores, expelling the accumulation of waste, promoting blood flow, refreshing the spirit and harmonising our energies. Ritualising bathing as a way of both cleansing the skin of impurities and the soul of stress can restore the body and mind into a place of peace and health.


Hot | above 38oC  | Quiets and soothes

Bathing in hot water slows our blood flow and organs to relieve tensions and anxiety.
Steam opens and clears the pores to detoxify and freshen our skins surface.

Warm dropping to cool | 38oC to 30oC | Stimulates

Dropping the temperature after a warm shower or bath stimulates internal activity and the mind.
Adjusting to the change balances our nervous system to a healthy equilibrium where it can perform to its best.

Cold | under 20oC | Invigorating and strengthening

Plunging into cold water will stimulate our nerve endings and encourage blood to invigorate our nervous system.
This enhances our resistance, mentally with discipline and physically by firming the surface of our skin.