The art of application


We often find people are surprised by how much of a difference it makes to apply oils to damp skin rather than dry. Yet this simple element will elevate an oils incredible healing and nourishing ability, as well as transforming the sensation of your routine.

We have put together a simple guide to the perfect application. Consciously approaching your routine in this way will allow you to indulge in all the benefits of using pure oils.  


1. Gently warming the oil between your hands before application loosens its structure and activates the botanical properties within. This makes it more lubricant, pliable and ready to be absorbed. 

2. Warm and damp skin, fresh from a hot bath or shower allows oils to sink in and penetrate the epidermis, this is where their nutritious properties can support and affect change. 

3. The addition of water from damp skin, helps the oil to go further, allowing it to spread lusciously and turn to silk.

4. As oils are massaged into the skin the movement brings fresh blood and oxygen to the surface for deeper nourishment and healing. Sweeping motions will aid the detoxification of impurities, whilst skin is left feeling plump, revived and glowing. 

5. Creating a relaxing evening ritual around your skincare releases the days tensions and supports your bodies natural rhythm of rejuvenation and rest. Whilst we sleep our skin is recovering, regenerating, and naturally warmer, so applying oil utilises its most permeable and healing phase.