Steam clean detox

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A steam detox is a simple routine which works beautifully with our skins natural self cleansing systems. With origins in ancient purification rituals, it utilises the gentle heat and humidity of steam to clear, rejuvenate and revive any skin type; and can aid the healing of many skin irritations.

A basin is filled with hot water and a towel placed over your head as you lean over it, trapping the steam within the space to activate your skin into cleansing mode. The heat naturally and gently opens pores allowing for dirt, bacteria and excess oils to be expelled, and then rinsed away.

As you sweat toxins are expelled from the skin. The trapped steam creates a condensed atmosphere, activating your body to sweat quicker and allowing more toxins to be released at a faster rate.

Excess sebum and any lingering bacteria is pulled from the skins surface as your pores open and sweat breaks down anything clogging and infecting them. The warmth of the steam melts hard sebum which causes blockages leading to blackheads, and is usually difficult to wash away.

The heat of steaming promotes blood circulation to your skins surface and around the body. Oxygen and nutrients flow to your skin cells, providing a rosy glow and supporting healthy skin cell function. Nutrients and minerals are pulled into your skin while you sweat, promoting healthy collagen structures, which helps to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Skin is softened by the heat and moisture of the steam, making it easier to exfoliate away dead skin cells. Skin is more absorbent and receptive to topical treatments, oils and moisturisers, as well as drawing in water from the steamy atmosphere.

Heat relaxes body and mind, especially when used with essential oils. Adding a drop or two of your favourite scent can elevate your steamer into a deeply calming and invigorating ritual.

All you require for a detoxing steamer is a basin, towel, essential oils (optional) and steaming water. Please be very careful when using hot water and run the tap slowly as to not splash your skin. We recommend creating a special steam ritual whenever your skin feels congested, and to be aware that excessive sweating can leave your skin feeling dehydrated, so always drink lots of water before and afterwards.