Soothing soak

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All skin can be sensitive, and especially so at this time of year when the summer suns UV light can overwhelm the body’s immune system and burn our skin. Along with smoke and air pollution, the sun can have a significant affect on the skins acid mantle, making it more alkaline and eventually drier and susceptible to irritation and infection. The protective film of the acid mantle is essential in protecting the lower layer of the skins surface from external threats and environmental disruptors, and so balancing the skins pH levels after sun exposure will help maintain a healthy, resilient and radiant complexion.

Whilst we advise you to avoid damaging sun exposure, if you do experience burning your skin will be especially vulnerable to factors that can trigger breakouts, signs of eczema, redness and psoriasis. It can take hours for the protective acid barrier to stabilise and be restored, and in the meantime, the skin is left vulnerable and susceptible to infection, irritation and desiccation. Alleviating the inflammation from heat exposure with cooling techniques, and rejuvenating impaired cells with antioxidants is essential. Skin functions and looks its best when its pH levels are balanced, so we recommend this soothing soak which supports the equilibrium of your skins aid mantle.

A cool bath not only calms the skin but also the frustration we feel when feeling so delicate. Run the bath with cool to warm water, and add in a couple handfuls of fresh mint, or peppermint tea leaves. The antioxidants within mint have the healing ability to help cure different skin ailments like sunburns, wrinkles and low immunity against skin infections. Rich in antioxidants, it can help repair the damage and break down of the skins cells and over time strengthens and supports them against further disruption. Peppermint tea encourages circulation to allow white bloods cells to travel faster through the body, aiding the healing process, and clearing toxins from the body. As the acid mantle becomes more resilient our skin is protected from bacteria and retains its lipid and moisture barriers, protecting the delicate microbiome of the skins surface so it can flourish. Mint will soothe skin allergies and irritation, and its cooling properties are an instant relief for burns and inflammation, leaving the sensation of full body refreshment.