Ingredients Matter | Rosemary


Rosemary's fresh, herbaceous top notes together with its camphorous base create an instantly clearing sensation. This brightening botanical stimulates the mind and aids both focus and concentration. Rosemary also helps to ease mental fatigue and exhaustion, bringing a sense of ease leaving us calmer, clearer, less anxious and mentally refreshed.

We use organic rosemary essential oil which has been steam distilled from the flowering tops of plants from Tunisia. Steam distillation means the essential oil retains the most nutritious and beneficial properties of the plant, whilst encapsulating that powerful sharp, green scent.

Rosemary is rich in antibacterial properties which is why we have added it to the complex and invigorating aroma in our Anti-blemish everyday face oil. Together with lavender, rosemary helps to focus our senses and realign our sense of self. A tonic for the stressors of our busy modern lives.