Ingredients matter | Pine essential oil


Pinus sylvestris

Pine is a wonderful essential oil for body and mind. Its aroma is of campherous, sweet top notes, followed by woody, balsamic undertones. This deeply grounding forest scent helps to renew our emotional and physical energies, helping with fatigue and lethargy. It also invigorates our senses and revives our mood, leaving us feeling more grounded and calm.  

We use organic pine from Finland, dry distilled from the needles of this evergreen, coniferous tree.
Rich in phenols, Pine is a powerful anti-bacterial aid, cleaning impurities from the skin and protecting it from harmful organisms. These cleansing properties help to heal skin conditions including psoriasis, acne, boils, athletes foot, eczema and itching. Applied topically, it can also be used for a remedy of the scalp, especially in cases of dryness and dandruff and has been traditionally used to easing excess perspiration.

As well as an anti-bacterial oil, Pine is also an anti-oxidant. Through neutralising free-radicals, Pine helps us slow the process of cellular deterioration, thus slowing the process of aging.

We have chosen to use Pine essential oils for all its benefits, but predominantly is ability to soothe the nervous system. As our body and mind relax, and are stimulated by its silven tones, our endocrine systems are supported to balance and heal our bodies suffering functions when we are run down. As an immune-stimulate, Pine is a powerful aid in long term, natural healing.

You can find it in our Renewing everyday face oil, which has been blended with the essence of sweet orange, ho leaf and carrot seed to create a scent that transports you deep into the forest.