Ingredients matter | Camellia seed


Light and spicy, with musky undertones, Camellia seed oil brings a warming depth to our Detoxifying face oil, as well as powerful healing properties. Cold pressed from the seeds of the White Tea plant, this oil enriches our blends with vitamins, polyphenols and omegas 3, 6 and 9. Camellia seed oil contains many of the same antioxidant compounds as White Tea - cleansing, healing and hydrating, and also provides skin with an extremely high level of unsaturated fats, minerals and nutrients.

Rich in Oleic acid, Camellia has been used traditionally in Asia to moisturise and condition the skin, hair and nails. Reparative for dry and damaged skin, it reduces inflammation and supports healing and rejuvenation. Along with its high content of Vitamin E, an antioxidant which stimulates the blood flow to the skin to promote the growth of new cells, just a small amount of this oil, applied topically, can protect against infections and minimise the appearance of scars. Concentrated in the sebum (the substance produced by oil glands and in the membranes of skin cells) vitamin E is a truly unique property which maintains the integrity and beauty of your complexion.

Camellia is a wonderful oil to incorporate into our skincare regime during the summer months, as it is rich in Omegas 3, 6 and 9, fats which protect skin cells from sun-induced inflammation. These fatty acids fortify the cell membranes, protecting them from further free-radical damage. Further supporting the skin’s cell structure, Camellia provides a good dose of Vitamin A, which boosts collagen production and stimulates the bodies fibroblasts within the deeper layers of the skin (cells responsible for developing tissue that keep skin firm and healthy). Pigmentation and rough ares of skin are diminished and smoothed, for a clear and glowing complexion. All of these powerful qualities make Camellia a deeply healing and rejuvenating oil.

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