Daily ritual | Face massage


Each of our Everyday face oils has been designed to inspire a ritualistic approach to your skincare routine; creating space for sensuality and self-awareness to deepen the connection to our bodies, ease tensions and promote a sense of serenity.

Incorporating facial massage is an easy but powerful way of elevating your simple routine into an indulgent moment dedicated to yourself - whilst boosting circulation, calming your nervous system, and rejuvenating and brightening your complexion.



Here is a step-by-step guide to a simple daily massage.

  1. Apply a few drops of face oil to clean hands and rub between your fingers to warm and activate. Hold up to your nose to inhale its aroma, inhale deeply and exhale slowly, savouring the scents and the calm they invoke.

  2. To prepare, smooth the oil over your whole face and neck until it is absorbed.

  3. With your thumb and forefinger, gently pinch across your eyebrows. Begin at the center moving to the outer edge.

  4. With your fingertips, gently press along the top of your brow. Repeat this, rising in small steps up your forehead to your hairline. This movement relaxes muscles which we tend to draw tight.

  5. Place fingertips together at the center of your forehead and slowly sweep outwards and down to your temples. Here, draw small circles over the temporalis muscle and feel your tension release.

  6. With a light touch use your middle and fourth fingers to draw circles around your eyes. From the tear duct, down and outwards, up along the crest of your brow and together at the bridge of your nose. From here, and with a firmer touch, sweep fingers down the sides of your nose to the base of your cheeks.

  7. Place your middle and fourth fingers on the bridge of your nose, and with a medium pressure move in small circular motions working down the sides and coming together underneath your nostrils. This will ease congestion and soothe headaches.

  8. With your middle and index fingers, firmly draw small circles down each side of your cheek from ear to jawline, easing away any build up of tension in the masseter muscle.

  9. Place your thumbs and forefingers together at your chin, with your thumb underneath your jaw. Pinch them together, moving along your whole jaw line towards your ears. This gentle pressure to the lymph nodes will stimulate the release of toxins and stagnant energies.

  10. With the side of your thumb, firmly sweep under your jawline from the chin to your ears. This movement helps in clearing these toxins from your body, to leave you feeling cleansed.

  11. With a light pressure, sweep your palm up your neck from collarbone to chin.

  12. Place the side of your thumb beneath your ear. With a slow, steady and firm movement, push downwards along each side of your neck to your collarbone. Feel your shoulders drop and neck soften.