Creating a deeper connection with your skin

Image @pico.goods

Image @pico.goods


Our skin is brilliantly designed to protect us from outside influences and supports and carries us through our lifetime. It is constantly communicating to us about our bodies state, reflecting physical stressors and emotional triggers; it breathes, it sweats, it cries, it flares and shouts, it hardens, it adjusts.

Our skin can become a roadmap to nurturing our selves with more awareness, and each of us has the capacity to tune into our bodies, its frequencies, changes and needs.

A simple skincare routine can become a great tool for self understanding and healing. Approaching your daily routine with consistency and awareness will amplify your skins voice and give you a deeper insight into how your lifestyle affects your health and wellbeing. Below are some simple daily steps to achieving a greater connection. 


Devotion of an everyday practice

Whether we are in a rush, or wanting to avoid indulging in narcism, devoting time to skincare is rarely prioritised. But skin care is soul care, and our daily routine reflects how we are willing to care for ourselves, every single day. 

For most of us, washing and moisturising our skin is a daily routine, yet we may not approach it with thoughtfulness. This frequent moment where we can care and connect with ourselves, passes us by. Elevating our routines into a special ritual instantly alters our approach to the practice; it becomes sacred, and so our time for self-care becomes sacred too.

A ritual does not have to be extravagant, it can be a moment held at the basin to reflect on ourselves and how we feel. Dedicating a small part of each day to consider how we approach ourselves, how we feel physically and emotionally, and how we can acknowledge and respond to these sensations, solidifies the sense of support we have for ourselves. 

Connection to your senses

Creating a peaceful atmosphere with inspiring elements can amplify our awareness. Relaxing the nervous system allows for calmness and space to reflect deeply. By removing the stress triggers of the day and the fuzziness of mind it brings, our inner voice has a louder presence. Introspection engages us with our deeper emotions so we can identify root blocks, fears, and desires, which often manifest in our bodies.

The sensation of touch, tenderness and sensuality, connects us to deeply to our bodies. The senses grounding us in the physicality and strength of our bodies, and reveal any fragility we might be overlooking.