Behind the brand


What were the most important things you learnt in the initial stages of research and development? 

Early on in our research we discovered that many of the ingredients in the skincare products we were using - such as emulsifiers and stabilisers - were for texture or prolonged shelf life and actually did nothing useful for our skin. We decided that we wanted to create products that were raw, organic and as pure as possible; incorporating ingredients only if they served a purpose for our skin. It made a lot of sense to work with natural oils, cold pressed or steam extracted for maximum quality and tailored to suit specific skin types. 

Everything our skin needs to stay healthy, fortified and radiant can be found in nature. Nutrient rich flora abundant in essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals are natural, effective and safe for even the most sensitive skin. This plant based approach felt right for us, we both strongly believe that what we put in and on our bodies is of the utmost importance. 

As we delved into a world of skin, we learnt so much about how our bodies work, and how this largest of organs functions and responds to both internal and external stimuli; from fluctuating hormonal cycles to our exposure to pollutants and UV damage. This informed how we wanted our products to be used, in harmony with your body and lifestyle. Through the power of observation and gained awareness of the individuality of your skin and body, you can treat your skin in the most effective way.

There is a natural ebb and flow to your skin's shifting state throughout the month, the year and over the course of a lifetime, it is a common sense approach which encourages patience, compassion and leaning into the natural ageing process. 

We believe that skincare is more than just topical and needs to be viewed in a more holistic way that includes a healthy lifestyle and a regular practice of self care and self devotion through ritualised skin care that nourishes body and self.