Behind the brand

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What does the brand strive to accomplish?

The most rewarding skincare begins with accepting that products are not a miracle cure, but a supportive aid to our skins incredible healing abilities. Observing how our bodies intuitively adapt their rhythms to our environments and lifestyles, and communicate their struggles, allows us to respond with consciousness, compassion and targeted care. This makes for a much more harmonious and holistic way of healing ourselves.

Our goal has always been to create quality, natural and effective products which promote a deeper connection to ourselves and a greater understanding of our natural changes. We believe that nature provides us with all we need to be healthy and well balanced and so we choose to use ingredients that are all plant based, and where possible, organic. We also want to provide accompanying knowledge to better understand what happens to our skin each month, season and over a lifetime, so that we respond to our bodies inevitable fluctuations with understanding.

Our focus on the ceremony of self care promotes awareness and consideration of ourselves. A skincare routine can become a touchstone for self-observation and connection as looking at and touching our skin with intention everyday allows us to register changes and tune in with our cycle. It offers us a moment of devotion and self-acceptance. If we can spend a minute of intentional observation a day, then there is an opportunity for our beauty, brilliance and truth to glow, as well as our skin.

And this is what we strive for; for women to be empowered and admired, by themselves and each other. To acknowledge our own natural and unique beauty; and to honour our bodies with respect and reverence. Skincare is a reflection of how we decide to interact with our bodies, selves and the world, and we hope that bashō encourages us all to do so with thoughtfulness, gentleness and patience.