Behind the brand


Tell us about the name basho? 

Matsuo Bashō was a 17th century Japanese poet famous for his ability to capture and distil the effervescent natural world around him into perfect poetic forms - haiku. Every element in these poems is essential and considered, and this principle of profound simplicity and necessity is at the heart of our mission to make natural skincare with integrity. So in honour of this master we decided to name our business after him. 

"Petal on petal
Mountain roses flutter down:
The rush of rapids."


Why did you start the business? 

We both really believe in the power of our bodies design and want to honour our innate understanding of what it needs.  Through observation, empowerment, knowledge and compassion we can treat our skin in a much more stable, tailored way, focussing on longevity and lifestyle choices rather than a quick fix. This is especially important to women whose monthly hormonal fluctuations have a much more noticeable effect on the skin. We began to pay more attention to what was influencing our skin and set about researching what natural, plant based ingredients would best nourish and support it. We loved the process of research and discovery and the blending of ingredients as a thoughtful, creative process. 

After initial study into the potency and efficacy of using pure, undiluted oils on the skin we decided we didn’t have to compromise on the purity of the products. Our principles are based on providing simple essential skincare, reflecting the flux of our skin, monthly, seasonally and over a lifetime, and providing the simple wisdom of listening to yourself and observing your own unique changes.