A moment with Katherine Heath


Natural living advocate Katherine Heath is a photographer, writer, environmentalist and co-founder of ethical directory More this. Less that.

We must learn to see the importance of our natural world and understand that it’s our duty to protect it.“

We talked with Katherine about her personal approach to natural skincare and the importance of starting the day with intention.

Have you been challenged by the changes of your body and skin over time, and if so how have you overcome or embraced them?

I wouldn’t necessarily say I’ve had challenges, but I have become a lot more in tune with what my body wants and needs. I have also become more aware of how many chemicals we put on our skin on a daily basis. From hand soap to make up our skin is in constant contact with substances it shouldn’t be. Over the past couple of years I have gone completely natural with all of my skincare products - which actually takes quite a lot of time and effort but is worth it. Our bodies are so delicately balanced that even natural products can have negative effects - I found it was important to strip right back and then add in new products gradually as I worked out what my skin responded to best. 

Do you have any personal rituals that you can share the significance and benefits of with us? 

Starting my day slowly whenever possible. I don’t mean sitting around in my pyjamas until 11am, I mean avoiding my emails and reading or going for a walk before my day begins. Stress can have huge effects on our health and I believe that starting the day in a relaxed, composed mindset allows me to better deal with what may come my way. 

What piece of wisdom would you pass on to other women?

You are not separate from nature you are part of it, embrace that. 

For more information about Katherine and her work check out her website here and More this. Less that. here