A moment with Jordan Storm Louise


Jordan Storm Louise is founder of SALT textiles, a multidisciplinary project exploring conscious materials and slow processes. SALT has evolved organically and sustainably alongside Jordan’s personal practice. We met up with Jordan at her home in east London to chat about mind-body connections, daily rituals and skincare.

Have you been challenged by the changes of your body and skin over time, and if so how have you overcome or embraced them? 

My body felt difficult as a younger woman. I was into athletics and dance so I felt strong but my body was always a tool. When I first moved to London my emotional issues manifested into an eating disorder, which meant my body and hormones were fluctuating regularly. 

I’ve had a long path learning to love my body. About five years ago I started practicing yoga, TRE (tension & trauma releasing exercises) and began running regularly again. This helped me move through trauma and build a loving relationship with my body. 

Movement is such a beautiful healer and I’ve learnt that my body (and skin) is a guide - if I’m listening. 

Do you have any personal rituals that you can share the significance and benefits of with us? 

I use oils a lot in my care rituals. The basho nourishing oil is a daily treat for my skin. I love sesame oil in the shower and when my cycle is due almond and rose oil to massage my breasts. This helps to drain lymph’s and eases pain. (It’s also very pleasurable.)

Another is frequently using my breath as an anchor. Simple breath work (pranayama) practices can help shift my inner states, especially in the early morning. 

What piece of wisdom would you pass on to other women?

To practice listening. Holding space for ourselves and others without judgement. 

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Jordan uses our Organic nourishing face oil.