A meditation for radiance


This is a simple visualisation technique to incorporate into your meditation practice. If your new to meditation this is an easy practice to start with, just run through the step by step guide below and tailor in any way that feels personal to you. It is a powerful tool to help raise self-esteem and boost inner confidence.

In a quiet, undisturbed and solitary space, seat yourself comfortably, sitting cross legged in lotus or kneeling Let your hands fall naturally into your lap or upon your knees.

As you close your eyes bring your awareness to your body and your breath.

When you feel focused on the rise and fall of your breath, visualise a small bud of light in your stomach, or 3rd chakra, hovering in the dark space within your body. It is small but bright, illuminating the dim hollow of your tummy. Feel the empty space it floats in, feel the gentle hum of its pure energy within that space.

As you inhale, feel it charge with the energy of your body.

As you exhale, visualise the bud of light bloom, erupting petals from your centre. Rose petals, tulip petals, sunflower petals, apple blossoms, whichever flower comes to your mind. As breath empties your lungs, see the whole of your body fill with thousands of these delicate petals. Feel their silky touch on the inside of your skin, from your chest to the tips of your fingers. Feel their beauty and fragility fill you up, and feel the warm glow of their radiance. You are brimming with their beauty.

As you inhale again, visualise all the petals fluttering back towards your centre, back into the tiny bud of light, which withdraws, and recharges, with all the vitality of the flowers.

Repeat this with each inhale and exhale. Each time maintain awareness of how the energy within your body feels brighter and brighter. We recommend you focus on this for 7 minutes, building up to 11 or 15, but even a minute or a few deep breaths will achieve a shine from within. When you walk through the rest of your day, you can call upon the sensation of a thousand silky petals within, and know your beauty is magnified by them.