A conversation with muse Heather Scott


On a still January morning we caught up with friend and muse Heather Scott in one of her most treasured spots - a secluded, crystal clear pebbly cove on the Helford estuary. A talented furniture designer and maker, she talked about the inherent issues of being a woman working in a male dominated industry and how swimming has become a tonic for both mind and body all year round.


Do you know your skin type? Has it changed in your adult life? If so how? 

I think I’ve got sensitive skin. It’s changed a lot over the years, definitely improved as I’ve gotten older. I had acne on my face and back badly as teenager and in my early 20’s and that’s cleared. 

Do you have a creative discipline or passion which you dedicate your time to? How does it impact your health/wellbeing ? 

I’m a furniture maker, working in wood and metal. It’s generally amazing for my health as it keeps me on my feet, active and moving everyday. 

I really notice my skin getting worse when I do a lot of metalwork, its dirty and greasy. I spend a lot of time with filthy hands and a face covered in goggles, a mask and ear defenders. It doesn’t do wonders for my skin. 


When do you feel your most radiant self?

In the middle of my menstrual cycle, around the time of ovulation. I’ve really engaged in my cycle over the last few years, learning to love every part of it for whatever reason. My skin, hair and motivation always tend to be at their best in the middle of my cycle and I try and relish it.

Do you have any self-care rituals that ground/nourish/energise you? 

Swimming, long meditative pool swims in winter and refreshing sea swims in the summer months. I can’t do without it. It’s become a physical dependance, a good swim fixes a lot for my body and mind; and an occasional bath before bed - with a podcast. 


What is beauty to you? 

It’s inside. Whether or not I look beautiful is irrelevant, I always look pretty much the same. But whether or not I feel beautiful changes from day to day. It’s about how I’m feeling, whether I feel strong, empowered and loved.

How do you reconnect when you're feeling out of touch with yourself?

I take time for myself, have time on my own. Swim. I also find it helpful to leave Cornwall. go to different places, reconnect with old friends and meet new ones. Going to places where I can find a sense of anonymity reminds me why I live where I do and why I’m doing what I am.

Is there an inspiring/empowering poem or quote that you could share with us? 

“You only have to let the soft animal of your body
love what it loves.”

From Wild Geese by Mary Oliver


Heather uses our Sensitive everyday face oil to gently but effectively nourish her skin.
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