August notes


What we're listening to -

The Universe by Oceanvs Orientalis

A down tempo journey into the expanse. 

Peace Begins Within by Zara McFarlane 

From the beautiful 2017 album Arise which explores the meeting points between Jamaican rhythms and British jazz. It is a soulful, surging blend and totally addictive. 

What we're reading - 

Heartburn by Nora Ephron 

"In this inspired confection of adultery, revenge, group therapy, and pot roast, the creator of Sleepless in Seattle reminds us that comedy depends on anguish as surely as a proper gravy depends on flour and butter." - Penguin


What we're doing - 

Meandering the coast in the summer sea mist, collecting pebbles from the shoreline. 


What we're eating - 

Courgette and ricotta pancakes are fast becoming a summer staple. Quick to whip up and easy to adapt with whatever herbs and spices you've got to hand. Serve with a cool crisp green salad and a glass of something chilled. 

Grate 2 courgettes into a bowl and squeeze out any excess moisture. Add 1 beaten egg, 125g ricotta, 50g oat flour, 1tsp cumin, a pinch of chilli flakes, zest of 1 lemon, mixed chopped herbs, (basil, dill and chives work well) and season well with salt and pepper. Mix well into a stiff batter then dollop into a hot pan of oil. Fry evenly on both sides until golden brown and cooked through. 

How we're nourishing our skin - 

Treat your parched summer skin by adding an exfoliating ritual to your weekly routine. It will slough away dry and dead skin to leave you silky soft.
Here's a quick and simple recipe to try yourself;

2 tbs organic Sweet almond oil, 
2 tbs fine sea salt
A few drops of an essential oil of your choice, we love Peppermint.
Mix all together to use in the shower or bath, focusing on particularly dry areas like feet, elbows and knees.