June notes

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What we're reading- 

The Penguin Book of Haiku
A deep dive into the many and varied, but always poignant, traditional Haiku poems. We find a constant source of inspiration from these distilled, insightful and reflective verses.

Emerging from
the edge of coolness-
Ocean moon.
- Shiki

What we're listening to -

Where should we begin? with Esther Perel
An intimate portrayal and insight into the complex nature of real life relationships. It's such a great reminder to practice compassion with those we love.

Solitary Daughter by Bedouine
A dreamy song perfect for long summer days, stargazing and embracing your femininity.

What we're eating - 

Chargrilled Spring Vegetables by Anna Jones
We love Anna's take of a hearty but fresh salad that's satisfying, seasonal, and nourishing. 

What we're doing - 

Spending a lot of time in the salty sea, tending our vegetables in the garden and enjoying long days with friends. 

What we've discovered -

Oak Meditation App
A simple, straightforward and beautiful app for those new or practiced in meditation. The selection of sound scapes are especially peaceful.