asked questions

Skin care concerns

Will using oil make my skin oily? Contrary to popular belief, using pure oils actually helps to regulate the natural oil production of your skin. By mimicking our natural sebum, it balances any over, or under, production stimulated by our body's . 

Will the products aggravate my skin? Our blends are freshly made in small batches and contain natural and, where possible, organic ingredients. If you have any allergies it is worth checking the ingredients before use - you can find a full list of ingredients of all our oils on our glossary. If you have particularly sensitive skin we recommend you always do a small patch test before use. 

How do I identify my skin type? To help you define your skin type we have put together an outline of different skin types here



Can I use your products in conjunction with makeup and other skincare? Yes. They prime and hydrate your skin wonderfully, although we recommend you wait a few moments for full absorption before you apply any make-up.

How often and when should I use your products? We suggest you use our oils after cleansing, morning and night, for lasting nourishment. However all skin differs so we hope you will develop a routine which is optimum for you.


Product and ingredients

Are your products safe to use during pregnancy? We use essential oils to enhance our treatments, the use of which is discouraged during pregnancy. Our Sensitive Everyday Face Oil has been consciously made for those who wish to avoid essentials oils.

Do your products have expiry dates? Our treatments all have a 12 month expiry date once opened. We advise thoughtful storage (see below). 

How should I store your products? We purposefully package our oils in dark amber glass bottles to keep them from any environmental interference or breakdown. We suggest you keep them out of extreme temperates as this could effect their consistency, ideally they remain at their optimum in a cool, dark place. 

Do your products contain sulphates, sillicones or parabens? No way!

Where are your ingredients and botanicals sourced? We source our ingredients from trusted wholesalers and only use products that have been sustainably extracted. For a full and detailed list of our ingredients you can contact us at

Are your ingredients organic? We choose organic ingredients wherever we can. For a full and detailed list of our ingredients you can contact us at

Are your products vegan/vegetarian? They are, yes, every product is purely plant based.



Do your products contain nut and wheat sources? Many of our blends contain oils and botanicals derived from nut and wheat sources. For a full list of ingredients for each product check out our shop page.


Principles and practices

How do you select your ingredients? We carefully consider every ingredient for their beneficial qualities to our skin. When blended together, they create powerfully potent combinations to soothe and remedy each skin type or issue.

How do you make your products? After considering what we would like our treatment to accomplish, we research the most natural and effective oils for that purpose and then blend them into a balanced, effective compositions. Essential oils are infused to create delicious aromas that nourish your senses.

How do you test your products? We are a cruelty free skincare brand and distain any kind of animal testing. We test all of our products on ourselves first - this isn't a problem, because we find using them a real treat!

What is your stance on responsible and sustainable packaging? We reduce/off set our carbon foot print by sourcing locally and using recyclable packaging where possible. 


Orders and shipping

What are your shipping costs? We offer a flat rate postage to all UK mainland addresses. Postage to addresses outside this area are calculated by weight. 

Do you ship internationally? At present we can only dispatch to UK addresses through our website. If you live outside of the UK please contact us at for more information. 

When can I expect to receive my order? Please allow up to 5 days for delivery.

Can you return and exchange your order? If there is a problem with your order we are here to help. For more information contact us at